Net Neutrality Should be Enshrined into Law



I have worked with computers since I was a young child.  I grew up on BBS's, then telnet, then gopher, then now what know as the World Wide Web.  

But the internet isn't just the web anymore.  We watch Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.  We telecommute for work.  We collaborate on music.  Speaking of music we use Spotify and Pandora.  All of these things are just different forms of communication.  And communication is the original and continuing purpose for the internet. 

Corporate lobbyists have completed their regulatory capture by getting the FCC to strike down net neutrality rules.  Soon we may have to pay extra to communicate with our friends.  We might have to pay extra to watch Hulu or Netflix.  

One of the first things I will work on if I am elected is to enshrine net neutrality into law.  I refuse to let lobbyists control our communications, hence our democracy.  It is common sense that our communication platforms should be free from regulatory capture.