Women's Right to Choose



 I know that no man has any right making any judgement about women's health unless he's a doctor, which I'm not. 

First, it's settled law (although some seem to think it isn't). Nearly 99% of abortions happen before 21 weeks. However, there are instances past 20 weeks where mothers should be allowed to have an abortion. These are often very complex circumstances. It hurts thinking about such situations, because I know that no one wants to be in a situation like where they find out the mothers life is at stake, or the baby will only live a few hours out of the womb, or any number of other situations. I don't think we should restrict those situations in the least bit.  I know a little bit about these situations because we lost our baby at nearly 8 months.  Nothing hurts more than losing a child that you have planned for.

I'm pro-choice, because I think a woman should have a right over her body and medical decisions.